The No-Cost Path to Cheaper Health Care


Republicans are offering common-sense reforms that would lower costs.

Naturally I like the plan as explained in this Wall Street Journal article, The No-Cost Path to Cheaper Health Care, by Mr. Shadegg, a Congressman from Arizona. As a person who buys his own health insurance with money from a HRA I have at work, I am familiar with his proposals. Buying medical insurance is about as complicated as buying auto insurance. I went to and picked the insurance that met my needs from the available health plans.  So for me the Republican plan is easy to understand, simple to implement, and has a real good chance to save me money. Although controlling health care costs polls as the most important reason for health care reform, the Democratic plan rarely talks about cost control. Read this quote announcing the vote on the health care reform bill.


The House will move on the $1.05 trillion legislation that would cover 36 million uninsured people and create a government plan to compete with private insurers even after the election of Republican governors in New Jersey and Virginia. President Barack Obama will go to Capitol Hill tomorrow to meet with House Democrats, as they seek the 218 votes they need to pass the bill, a Democratic leadership aide said.